Freedom and Fairness: Owning the Consumer Payments Experience

  • 03rd November 2023

It’s time to take back ownership of payments

Merchants are in a tough spot. With soaring consumer expectations, an extensive cost-of-living (COL) crisis, and a crack-down on buy-now-pay-later (BNPL), taking control of the payments process is becoming an increasingly complex task.

We interviewed 500 merchants across both retail and hospitality, alongside over 2500 online shoppers, to piece together how these challenges are impacting the payments landscape.

In our jam-packed report, you can discover:

  • How the COL crisis is affecting consumer attitudes towards spending
  • Pressing payments concerns keeping merchants up at night
  • How both consumers and merchants really feel about BNPL

Plus, discover what the future of payments could look like – and how everyone ends up a winner.

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