3 Ways Travel Merchants Can Keep Consumers Coming Back For More

  • 01st December 2023

Driving demand in a complex market 

The travel industry faces a unique set of hurdles. Because of an unstable economic climate, consumers are quick to slash their holiday budgets, threatening the sector’s post-pandemic recovery. Plus, churn is an evergreen challenge, as keeping consumers coming back is difficult when it comes to making large, infrequent purchases. 

We interviewed 250 travel merchants – alongside over 2500 online shoppers – to understand how merchants can best position themselves to encourage consumers to return.   

In our report, find out:   

  • Why the power of data will help you shape your strategy  
  • That embracing flexible payments could provide an alternative to buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) 
  • Why offering a payment solution under your brand name could increase consumer appeal 

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