Tymit’s new payments solution puts the power of payments back in your hands.

Our cobranded instalment credit card programs give you full control of your customer journey. That means – unlike with traditional credit card and BNPL programs – the spotlight stays on your brand, helping you boost loyalty through data-driven insight and engagement.

Plus, develop more attractive pricing and healthier margins through ditching exorbitant merchant fees.

Your customers benefit too. They get more control – making them more likely to spend – and because our solution is fully regulated, they also get peace of mind.

It’s time for you to own your payment experience.

It’s time for you to Own It.

The problem


of consumers said flexible payment options are important

The opportunity

Flexibility is critical in times of economic uncertainty. Tymit enables shoppers to split up payments into smaller instalments, empowering them to take control of their spending and encouraging repeat purchases.

The problem


of merchants said over-reliance on BNPL is bad for merchants and consumers

The opportunity

BNPL comes with limitations – particularly around lack of regulation and affordability checks. With Tymit, you can rest easy knowing the proper checks have been carried out, keeping both you and your consumer fully protected.

The problem


of merchants see access to customer payment data as an issue

The opportunity

To really understand your consumers’ wants and desires, you need access to data insights. Tymit provides extensive transaction data on travel purchases across other sites, giving you all you need to build a seamless customer experience.


Freedom and Fairness: Owning the Consumer Payments Experience

Customers want flexible ways to pay. You want to provide them. Take back control of your payments by ditching BNPL and choosing a better way.

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